ST Yau High School Science Award (Asia)


The S.T. Yau High School Science Award (Asia) [ YHSA(Asia) ] is a research-based competition emphasising on innovation, originality, creativity and persistence in research activities.  It encourages students and teachers to formulate issues with quantitative precision and scientific rationales, with a view to nurturing students’ passion for scientific discovery, patience in investigation, and rigour in deliberation.


YHSA(Asia) is initiated by Professor Shing-Tung YAU with the following goals:

  1. To stimulate innovation, originality and creativity in scientific investigation among secondary school students in Asia.
  2. To cultivate young talents in science and technology.
  3. To encourage university professors, secondary school teachers and secondary schools to promote research activities.
  4. To facilitate cultural exchanges among secondary school students from a diverse cultural and educational background.
  5. To establish YHSA(Asia) as a reference for university admission.



In 2008, Professor Shing-Tung Yau initiated the ST Yau High School Science Award (YHSA) in Mainland China. The Award has been running successfully for 10 years

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Subject Categories & Prizes

6 subject categories: Mathematics, Physics,. Biology, Chemistry,  Computer Science, and Economic and Financial Modeling. Each group has up to 1  Gold Prize, 1 Silver Prize and 3 honourable mentions

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 All enrolled secondary school students in Hong Kong and the Asian region outside Mainland China are eligible to join the competition

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Scientific Oversight

Board and committees that provide stringent scientific oversight and management for the Award and their membership

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Competition Timeline

Deadlines for registration, submissions of research outline and final report, as well as other key dates at a glance

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Selection criteria and assessment process of the competition

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General Regulations

General regulations on academic honesty, concurrent submission, intellectual property, conflict of interest , data collection, etc.

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FAQs & Enquiries

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Award and contact information for enquiries

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