Serving to inspire

YASHK is a vibrant community of young scientists dedicated to serving the community by enlightening future S&T talents


ST Yau High School Science Award (Asia)


The ST Yau High School Science Award (Asia) is a research-based competition emphasising on innovation, originality, creativity and persistence in research activities.  It encourages students and teachers to formulate issues with quantitative precision and scientific rationales, with a view to nurturing students’ passion for scientific discovery, patience in investigation, and rigour in deliberation



The objects for which YASHK is established are, for the advancement of education and on a non-profit basis: 1) To encourage young scientists to promote the development and advancement of science and technology in Hong Kong; 2) To encourage young scientists to promote and advance the teaching of science and technology in Hong Kong; 3) To encourage young scientists to educate and inform the public on issues pertaining to science and technology; 4) To foster Hong Kong as a centre of scientific excellence especially with regard to young scientists; 5) To assist ASHK in carrying out the ASHK’s objects.

Our Members


YASHK members have diverse backgrounds and mostly come from various local universities.  The first 6 founding members were selected and appointed by the ASHK Board in 2017 among top performing scientists with leadership quality in Hong Kong. They formed a preparatory group to plan for the establishment of the Young Academy and subsequently elected a further 25 founding members based on nominations received from local universities making the total number to 31.


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