ASHK Board

By a resolution of the ASHK Board dated 29 October 2018, YASHK was established under the auspices of ASHK as one of its chapters and shall operate within the limitations as set out in its Constitution or as otherwise limited by the Board.    

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (ExCom) of YASHK is a committee of the ASHK Board. Its membership is as follows:


      Prof. Vic LAW (President)

      Prof. Xuhui HUANG (Vice-President)

      Prof. Amos TAI (Honorary Secretary)

      Prof. Edwin CHAN (Elected Member)

      Prof. Anderson SHUM (Elected Member)

      Prof. Raymond WONG (Elected Member)

      Prof. Henry WONG (Independent Member)


There are four sub-committees set up under the YASHK ExCom:

      Academic Committee (chaired by Prof. Leo POON)

      Internal Affairs Committee (chaired by Prof. Minhua SHAO)

      Outreach Committee (chaired by Prof. Stephanie MA)

      Knowledge Transfer Committee (chaired by Prof. Raymond TONG)

Administration Office

The CEO supported by his/her administrative team is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation of YASHK.

      Ms. Heronie MOK (CEO)

      Ms. Doris MA (Manager)

      Mr. Henley CHEUNG (Project Coordinator)