ST Yau High School Science Award (Asia)


Academic Honesty and Guidance

In the process of research, the team may consult experts, teachers, parents or literature. However, team members shall be the ones who actually perform the research work and thus shall truly be able to understand the content of their work.

Methods and results of others used in the research shall be documented in the References of the report. In any case, each participating team shall observe the common standard of academic integrity adopted by most journals and degree theses.

All submitted outlines/reports may be subjected to plagiarism check if deemed necessary by the Assessment Panels. All research reports which have entered the third stage of assessment will be sent for plagiarism check by YHSA(Asia).

Intellectual Property

Original work and results are the intellectual belongings of the participants and this is respected by YHSA(Asia). YHSA(Asia) only reserves first right of refusal on the work of awardees. Awardees shall approach YHSA(Asia) first before they publish their work or derive any benefit from the work. Nonetheless work of awardees may be used in part or in full by YHSA(Asia) for promotion of all regions of the Award.

Conflict of Interests

Children, grandchildren, students of members of Executive Committee, Regional Advisory Committee and Assessment Panels are NOT allowed to participate in the competition.

Assessment Panel members are NOT allowed to serve as supervis of any participating teams.

Collection of Data

All personal data collected in connection with YHSA(Asia) will be kept confidential and only be used by YHSA(Asia) for purpose of administration of the competition. It may be accessible to offices, committees or persons of YHSA(Asia) when processing the registration of the competition and related matters. Quotes, footage or photographs taken during YHSA(Asia) activities/events may be used by YHSA(Asia) for publicity purpose.


Concurrent Submission

Research reports that have been submitted in the past or concurrently with other competitions, if declared as such in the research report, will be accepted by YHSA(Asia). Otherwise, the submission may be subject to disqualification.