ST Yau High School Science Award (Asia)

Subject Categories & Prizes

Subject Categories

  1. Mathematics (including mathematics and statistics)
  2. Physics (including physics and engineering)
  3. Biology (including biology and mathematical modeling of biological systems)
  4. Chemistry (including chemistry and pharmaceutical science)
  5. Computer Science
  6. Economic and Financial Modeling



  1. Gold Award : Up to one (1) Gold Award with a cash prize of USD 1,000 for each subject category
  2. Silver Award : Up to one (1) Silver Award with a cash prize of USD 500 for each subject category
  3. Honourable Mentions : Up to three (3) Honourable Mentions for each subject category
  4. Certificate of Participation : All participants completing the oral defense of YHSA(Asia) will be awarded a Certificate of Participation and included in the online network of YHSA Alumni