ST Yau High School Science Award (Asia)


In 2008, Professor Shing-Tung Yau initiated the S.T. Yau High School Science Award (YHSA) in Mainland China. The Award is based at the Yau Mathematical Sciences Centre (YMSC) of Tsinghua University and has been running successfully for over ten years. It initially started with Mathematics, then expanded to include Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Economic and Financial Modeling. Over the years more than half of the awardees have been admitted to Tsinghua University, Peking University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University and Princeton University, etc.

As the Award matures and its reputation flourishes in Mainland China, Professor Yau expanded the outreach effort to three more regions in 2019: Asia, USA-East and USA-West.

YHSA(Asia) is based in Hong Kong and co-organised by The Hong Kong Academy of Sciences (ASHK). It covers Hong Kong and the entire Asian region outside Mainland China. 

YASHK as a chapter of ASHK is engaged in the running of the Award, including the provision of scientific assessment and adjudication of competition entries.